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A Healthy, Happy You Begins Today!

Contact us today to start your journey

A Healthy, Happy You Begins Today!

Contact us today to start your journey

A Healthy, Happy You Begins Today!

Contact us today to start your journey

A Healthy, Happy You Begins Today!

Contact us today to start your journey
Botox Deal near me, Scarborough, Portland, Maine

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Our Services:

At Dr. Kate Good Weightloss & Aesthetics we offer a full array of services to help you feel and look your best.

Weightloss- Offering customized weightloss plans including the FDA approved medication, Semaglutide to help you achieve and maintain your weightloss goals with expert support from Dr. Kate and her team.

Facial Aesthetics – Botox and Dysport for wrinkle reduction treatment. Dermal fillers to restore volume and smooth deeper lines.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – in addition to our weight loss and aesthetics we provide men with testosterone replacement therapy.


Semaglutide, weightloss program in Scarborough, Portland, Maine
Tirzepatide in Southern Maine

New FDA Approved Supplement: Tirzepatide

Tirzepatide is an injectable anti-diabetic medication when used in combination with diet and exercise, helps with blood sugar control, appetite control, and weightloss.

Tirzepatide is a long-term supplement that is approved by the FDA for Type II diabetes when used with diet and exercise. A New England Journal of Medicine study of 2,539 patients showed weightloss, when coupled with lifestyle changes, was up to 20.9% of body mass over 72 weeks.


What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide acts like a hormone your body naturally creates to help promote weightloss and regulate blood sugar levels.

Simple Dosing

Take Semaglutide as directed by Dr. Kate and her team.

Feel Satisfied Faster

Semaglutide communicates with your brain to send signals of feeling full and satsified which regulates the amount of food you eat.

Feel Full Longer

Semaglutide will slow down how fast your food is digested which leads to feeling full, longer.

Break the Cycle

No more relying on willpower alone- Semaglutide helps your body find a new, lower weight to maintain. 

At Dr. Kate Good Weightloss and Aesthetics, we do not submit to insurance. We do, however, accept Health Savings Account (HSA) cards and will continue to offer reasonable pricing for all of our valued patients. 

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Weight Loss- Now Offering Semaglutide!

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